Board Members


Mission Statement

We are working to ensure equitable access to education for all. We support current and prospective underrepresented college students as they transfer from community college to their four-year institution. We provide support groups for remote learning students. We host sessions for students seeking to create change on their campus.


We started in January 2020 as a non-profit entity focused on supporting students, faculty, and administrators seeking to improve the education system at all levels.

Since then, we’ve helped hundred of students successfully apply, get accepted, and complete college level courses. We collaborated with the Coalition for Immigrant Mental Health as part of their Annual Convening Series. We started the Undocumented Student Relief Fund and (in 2020) awarded $1000 in support to college students who need it the most.

Moving forward, we remain committed to our mission of providing equitable access to high quality education for all students, faculty, and administrators. We are currently working with 12 Future Scholars Fellows as they navigate higher education for the 2021-2022 academic year. We are looking to grow and expand and need new and innovative ideas on how to best serve underrepresented college students as they seek social mobility through higher education.

Position Description

As we continue to identify places within the education system where the voices, lived experiences, and associated realities of living in Chicago and trying to also go to school, we require a clear vision and direction for our energy and efforts. We are actively seeking individuals who share our commitment to facilitating progressive improvement in the educational outcomes for the most vulnerable students learning and living in Chicago. We believe that every child deserves access to a high-quality education, and we are looking for a dynamic and experienced individual to join our board of directors.

Our Board is as nontraditional as our approach to abolishing policies and programs that deliberately create unnecessary obstacles for racialized and minoritized students that result in their lack of persistence and completion of education.

We started with the intention of serving the needs of racialized and minoritized college students, and that has remained the consistency of our Board ever since. We do not seek people with years of experience in nonprofits to come in and tell us how to improve what we are doing. We realize education is dynamic, and our Board is equally as dynamic.

Every year, we seek a new group of emerging education advocates with vision and purpose who have ideas about changing education that are currently experiencing the higher education system or are Seniors in high school at least 18 years of age to create innovative programs designed to serve the needs of students who look like them and share their background in the City of Chicago.

As Board member, you will play a crucial role in guiding our organization’s strategic direction, ensuring financial sustainability, and championing the cause of education advocacy. Your vision, experience, wisdom, and leadership will contribute significantly to our mission of empowering racialized and minoritized students and the educators who serve them living in Chicago communities.

Our first meeting is Saturday January 27, 2024 @ 1pm in Hyde Park and on ZOOM

Four Primary Responsibilities of the CHIEAC Board

Strategic Vision: Contribute to the development and implementation of our strategic goals and objectives.

Governance: Provide governance to ensure CHIEAC operates ethically and in line with its mission.

Resource Development: Assist in fundraising efforts to support our programs and initiatives.

Community Engagement: Serve as CHIEAC ambassador by advancing our mission in our community.


Service duration is ONE YEAR from January to January

Meetings in-person or on ZOOM…hybrid optional


At least 18 years old

Strong communication and interpersonal skills

Current enrollment in high school or college courses

Ability to dedicate time and effort to fulfill board responsibilities

Willingness to actively participate in board meetings and committee work

Experience in nonprofit governance, strategic planning, or related fields NOT REQUIRED

*Demonstrated passion for education advocacy and improving educational outcomes for Chicago students. All prospective Board members must collect a minimum of $500 in donations to support the communities we serve by January 27th.

Use our PayPal link:

Talk to your parents, friends, colleagues, classmates, neighbors, and anyone else who shares a similar passion for replacing much of the education system with schools, teachers, and curriculum that is more aligned with the needs and experiences of racialized and minoritized students in Chicago.

Raising money for CHIEAC to support the communities we serve requires talking to other people about the needs of students and their families living and going to school in Chicago. Raising money requires social networking, communication, and a passion for the people you are raising money to serve.

By raising $500 our Board members demonstrate their passion for education advocacy and directly contributing to improving the educational experiences of our students and their families.

By engaging prospective Board members in our fundraising process from the beginning they learn the challenges of securing funding for programs, financial management strategies, and collaboratively decide allocate money to programs that support the communities we serve.

Benefits of Joining

Board members make a meaningful impact on education in Chicago through building a network and collaborating with like-minded individuals in the education sector and contributing to the growth and success of a dynamic nonprofit organization. Additionally, Board members take personal and professional benefits with them beyond their experience with CHIEAC they can use to advance their aspirations.

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