Career Elevation Program

ned career elevation program

The world of work has changed rapidly since the pandemic and I now see more clients looking for a way to go beyond what they previously thought possible in their careers. Managers are looking to become CEOs. C-suite executives are starting to apply for more board positions than before. We see business leaders entering the political arena.

Beyond all these changes, there comes a point where many become stuck. They are frustrated with the status quo and want to go a step further. They want to take on the challenges our new normal has brought us and do things in a different way from what anyone has done before.

Once you have started your own business, or you have been the CEO, served as a board member, seen the pinnacle and reached it – what then?

We live in a brave new world with brave new challenges. But with challenges come opportunities. Discovering these opportunities require a new way of thinking; a way of looking at yourself and your own career path in a different way.

No two people are exactly alike and therefore, if you really want to tread a path nobody has ever followed before, you need a bespoke coaching program to help you find the real you and find the path that is only yours. It was for this exact situation that the Career Elevation Program was created.

What is the Career Elevation Program?

The Career Elevation Program is an intense coaching and mentoring program that spans over 14 months. The number of clients who can follow this program is limited, as the coach and coachee work together intensively and drill down to the core of who you are and where you could take your career.

For at least the first four coaching sessions, we get to know each other to find the best way to work together. During this time, as your coach, I seek to understand as much as possible about you, my client – your background, culture, career, dreams, and ambitions. During the first few weeks after we start working together, we’ll spend 90% of our time in discovery. It is only once I truly understand you as a whole being and you clearly understand every aspect of yourself and your journey, that we take the next step together.

At this stage, in the words of one of my clients, you will be like a fine whiskey that has been in a vat for many years. During the next phase of the program, we’ll distill your vision, finding the path you want to follow and the opportunities you want to uncover, until you are completely clear on where you should go and the path you need to take.

Once you know what you want to go after, we come up with a plan of how you will reach that goal. But this is not where I leave you. I give you the support and practical help to ensure that your vision comes to fruition.

So what is your goal? What is the next step that you want to take to elevate your career?

If you would like to be one of my exclusive clients who work with me one-on-one in the Career Elevation Program, complete the form below, providing me with your contact details and I’ll be in touch for a discovery session to see if this program is for you. If you prefer, you can email me at to arrange your free discovery session.