Individual Board Member Coaching

Coaching board members lead to effective boards

Individual Board Coaching

A board can’t work if the board members aren’t working. Board member coaching can take place either with the knowledge and co-operation of the full board or an individual board member can also decide to undergo coaching in an effort to become a better, more effective and successful board member.

Boards are made up of individual members, so individual board member coaching can go hand-in-hand with coaching the full board. If you get board coaching for your full board, then as part of a board’s coaching contract, there will be a number of sessions with individual board members. These members do not have to acquire separate, individual coaching, as their coaching will fall under the same coaching contract as that of the board.

Since each board member brings his/her own set of skills, experience and personal qualities to the table, it makes sense to work with individual board members in private sessions as a way to enhance the effectiveness of group sessions.

Boards are fragile ecosystems that need to work together as a cohesive unit to lead an organization. If there is a board member who isn’t a cultural fit with the rest of the board, it can either lead to divisiveness among board members or that one board member won’t be able to work productively with the rest of the board. By working with individual board members to see where their strengths lie and how they can improve on the areas where they are lacking, we are able to help members find their fit with the rest of the board and improve overall board productivity.

Can I receive individual board coaching without the rest of the board being coached?

Individual Coaching

It happens that boards aren’t interested in being coached. Although any board can benefit from coaching, they don’t always have the impetus to take on the journey to a better board. If this is your board, it doesn’t mean the end of the road for you.

Whether you already are a board member or just want to enhance your own profile to make yourself more hirable by a board, you can arrange your own individual board member coaching.

For individual board member coaching without the co-operation of a board, I use a slightly different framework. It is similar to an executive coaching framework but with the difference that it not only enhances your executive profile but also your ability to become an effective member of any board.

Based in Cape Town I can offer individual board member coaching in person anywhere in South Africa. For boards outside Cape Town, virtual board coaching sessions are offered or a travel fee negotiated.

The Intrinsic Value of Individual Board Member Coaching

Some of the biggest issues boards have to deal with when it comes to working together effectively:

  • Lack of leadership skills
  • A board member’s inability to effectively communicate
  • An individual’s lack of networking strategy for the board’s and organization’s benefit
  • An inability to think strategically to come up with solutions for problems the organization is facing
  • Not being able to be a proper cultural fit with the board

Individual board member coaching leads to:

  • Enhanced leadership skills to contribute to the leadership capabilities on the board
  • Improved communication skills to be able to communicate and brainstorm ideas effectively
  • An increase in the ability to build effective networks that can assist the board
  • Improved strategic thinking that will help board members come up with solutions to the problems the organization is facing
  • The ability to adapt to the board’s culture so there is an increase in co-operation on the board

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Whether you are already a board member or striving to become one, individual board member coaching will increase your ability to be an effective board member and raise your personal board profile. Email us at if you are interested in individual coaching.