Lunch with the Coach

Do you have any questions regarding board appointments? Would you like to know how to get a board role or how to make the transition from being a senior executive to a portfolio career? Good news! You do not have to make an appointment or attend an entire webinar to get your questions answered.

board career question and answer session lunch with the coach

Bring your lunch, log on to Zoom and ask any question about board careers

Often we have a quick question – or maybe a few questions – that we need answers to. This is your opportunity to get your questions answered, at no cost.

Join us online on Zoom on a Wednesday between 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. (SAST) to hear what others are asking, ask your own questions, or just enjoy our lunch break with us.

This is not a webinar or a formal meeting. It is simply a time when the NED Careers staff members get together online, over lunch, with current and prospective clients – sometimes even with friends or family or whomever is online at the time.

Everyone is welcome to come and have an informal chat with us and if you have any questions about a board career, this is the time to get an immediate answer. If no one on the call has the answer, we’ll find it for you and let you know. If you do not have any questions, you are welcome to just relax with us!

An informal discussion about board careers

If you want to join us for lunch with the coach and an informal discussion about board careers, click the link below to register so that you will be notified by email when we are online. On the day you want to attend, grab your lunch (or just a coffee), click the link in your email and talk to us. We are on camera and would prefer it if you would also be, as these sessions are not recorded and we enjoy seeing who is on the other end of the screen. (If you are really camera-shy, keep your camera turned off and we’ll be happy to answer your questions anyway.)

Check the links below to see which date would suit you best, register and we’ll see you online.