Board Application Document Writing Bootcamp

Board applications differ from other job applications in a number of ways. For that reason, the documents that you need to complete for a board application will also differ considerably.

When submitting your application as a board or committee member, you will need to submit a number of documents. These will include:

  1. A Board CV;
  2. A Cover Letter;
  3. A Supporting Statement.

After having written hundreds of board CVs and assisting clients with numerous board applications, I have come to the conclusion that, in as much as I can write their CVs and other documents for them, I always need to go back to them numerous times for more information and to help them add the information that will best reflect their ability to do the job. For that reason, I decided to offer a two-day Board Application Document Writing Bootcamp.


The Bootcamp is held online, over a 2-day period. Each day there will be two sessions, lasting two hours each. So you will attend four 2-hour sessions, giving you 8 hours in total. Taking that into account, you can understand that it is incredibly intensive and I advise that you cancel everything else for those two days so that you can give it your all and walk away with a Board CV, Cover Letter, and Supporting Statement that are ready to be submitted for your next board application.

Where do we meet?

When you register, you will be sent a link to meet online. This will be the link that you will use to attend all four sessions of the Bootcamp. The link will be personal to you and only you will be able to log in with that link. It safeguards us against any trolls or timewasters wanting to drop in and disrupt the sessions.

What will we cover?

First, we’ll start to write the Board CV. Once you have all the relevant information in your CV, we’ll move on to write your personal board profile. This profile will be used in your CV, your Cover Letter as well as in your LinkedIn profile.

After the CV, we’ll move on to the other board application documents. First, we’ll cover the Cover Letter and what needs to be included in that.

The board application document I get asked about the most is the Supporting Statement. Although not all boards require you to submit a Supporting Statement, I urge all my clients to go through the exercise of writing it. It is one of the most important documents that will invariably contribute to the success of your application.

What about future board applications?

While we do complete your full set of board application documents during the Bootcamp and you walk away with a set of documents that you are able to use just as they are, I find that the best applicants will tweak their documents to best fit the specific role that they are applying for.

This is exactly where the most effective part of the Bootcamp comes into play. Not only do you walk away with a full set of board application documents, but you will also know the formula to write each part of each document. So when you come across future roles and you wish to apply, you can use the knowledge that you gained during the Bootcamp to optimize your existing application documents to best fit the new application that you want to submit.

No need to do the Board Application Document Writing Bootcamp over and over again. You learn how to do it once and you can write the best-optimized application documents for any role that you want to apply for, for years to come.

I am a CV Writer, can I join the Board Application Document Writing Bootcamp?

I encourage CV writers to expand their skills by attending our Bootcamp. If you already write CVs for your clients and want to add Board CV writing to your toolbox, you are welcome to attend our training. After the Bootcamp, you will receive proof of successfully completing the 8 hours of training necessary to write an effective board application. We may even refer some clients to you in the future!

Why wait? Click the link below and join me for our next Bootcamp.