linkedin profile training

Showing you how to use LinkedIn effectively as part of your board search

NED LinkedIn Profile Training

Since its inception, LinkedIn has become one of the go-to tools for recruiters. Board recruiters use LinkedIn as much as other recruiters do.

But with millions of profiles available on LinkedIn, what are the chances of a recruiter landing on your profile specifically and contacting you about an available board role?

Whilst it is important that you differentiate yourself from others, it is also important that those who are looking for a new board member are able to find you via their search tools on LinkedIn. So you cannot stand out so much that you won’t be found, unless it is by pure accident. You have to be sure that:

  1. Your profile stands out enough to draw the attention of those looking for new board members,
  2. That your profile will be easy to find when someone searches for available board members and
  3. That you know how to further utilize LinkedIn as part of your board search.

How will LinkedIn Profile Training help my search for a board role?

Apart from a dedicated Board CV, your LinkedIn profile should be one of the best weapons you have in your arsenal when you start taking aim at a new board position. By setting up your profile in the right way (yes, there definitely is a wrong way!) you will dramatically increase your chances of being found via LinkedIn by a board looking for new members.

But not only that. There are many ways in which you can utilize LinkedIn as part of your board search. Only setting up your profile like a poster advertising that you are looking for a board role is like making a hotdog but only eating the mustard. Without question, you should be using LinkedIn as an active part of your board search.

During our LinkedIn Profile Training session, I will take you step by step through setting up your profile. The second part of the training will deal with the exact ways in which you can utilize the various tools that LinkedIn has to offer without a paid membership.

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