4-week ned online coaching program – just for coaches!

With our mission to build a stronger leadership base from a much larger pool of leaders, coaches now have an excellent opportunity to become board members. This is not only good for the organization the coach serves; it can help in creating a coaching culture and open doors to coaches that would otherwise not be available. Being a board member is like having the key card to enter the company as their coach.

Coaches can be some of the most valued members of an organization’s board. You bring with you a wealth of skills and experience from your career path up to this point. Add to that the core competencies you learn as a coach and you have everything it takes to serve the organization in the best possible way.

In this 4-week online coaching course we will cover the following:

Week 1:

Who am I and what type of board should I apply to? You start researching possible boards.

Week 2:

Let us work together to set up your brand and write your personal board profile.

Week 3:

We create your Board CV and other documents you need to apply for board roles. You start to submit applications.

Week 4:

Interview techniques and what to do if you do get offered the role. And what to do if you don’t!

These sessions are all set up as Zoom meetings so that attendees can interact with each other. Sessions are 90 minutes long and after the session, it is left open for another 30 minutes to give participants the opportunity to network with each other and share ideas on the subject matter.

After the 4th week, I have a personal Zoom call with each attendee to check in and see if there is anything more that NED Careers can do to help you in your search for a board role.

We keep these groups small, so reserve your spot now.